Dmitry Romanov: Comedians during the war

June 13, 2022
Yuri Dud’ interviews stand-up comedian Dmitry Romanov on how Russian comedians are managing amid the war in Ukraine, divided between those who remain silent and those who spoke out against the invasion.
In a video on his YouTube channel posted on May 24, journalist Yuri Dud interviews stand-up comedian Dmitry Romanov, shedding light on how Russian comedians are managing amid the war in Ukraine. Also appearing are Romanov’s colleague and friend Slava Komissarenko, who talks about life in Poland, and Leo from Düsseldorf, a businessman from Germany who manages a humanitarian aid warehouse in Lublin.

Romanov, from Odessa, has been performing in Russia since 2010. He was a star on the TNT TV channel, wrote jokes for Evening Urgant late-night show and, in autumn 2021, recorded a program for the Russia 1 TV channel. He regularly toured Russia and avoided politics during his performances. But after the outbreak of the war, he left Russia and spoke out in support of Ukraine.

After leaving, he worked at a humanitarian aid warehouse in Lublin before relocating to Andorra. Romanov continues to perform at charity events, the income from which goes to help Ukrainians. In the video, he talks about his career before the war and why, despite being from Ukraine, he didn’t leave Russia after the annexation of Crimea. Taking the example of well-known comedians, he discusses why so many famous people haven’t spoken out in the current situation and why he himself can’t be silent. He mocks one of Russia’s justifications for the war, saying, “it’s hard to ‘liberate’ someone who was freer than you.”

Digest written by the Russia.Post editorial team.
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